Static Websites

Simple static websites are the most cost effective way to get your name out in the internet. It can serve as virtual business card helping to establish your competency for your clients, partners and competitors.

  • Unlimited design possibilities
  • Fast development cycle
  • Responsive design – looks good on mobile devices
  • Deep Search Engine Optimisation
  • Visitor Statistics

Websites with Content Management Systems

Frequently updated websites with current information benefit from more returning visitors and can become primary marketing tool. With Content management system (CMS) users with none or very little development knowledge have a convenient way to add, remove or modify website content.

Our tool of choice is WordPress – a leading open source CMS. It’s estimated (source) that almost 60% of websites with content management system employ this solution. This translates to over 26% of all websites on the internet. WordPress has huge online community continuously improving it and releasing new features. WordPress can be used for anything from simple one-page website to a full e-commerce solution.

  • Rapid development and low cost due to pre-existing themes and plugins
  • Easy to manage content without IT knowledge
  • Good SEO
  • Assign users who can edit your page
Wordpress global share of total websites with open source CMS
Wordpress global share of total websites

Bespoke Applications

When available CMS won’t cut it, we can build a completely bespoke solution. We have built internal business solutions helping to automate tasks, improve service or provide better overview on business health. When needed we build integrations with 3rd party solutions.

We believe web is the future, so whenever possible we build solutions as web apps. When for some reason web app as a solution is not acceptable, we can build it as native MS Windows, Mac OS X or mobile application.

Complete Solution

As we are much more than just development studio, we can offer a complete solution. If needed, we will procure or build most suitable hardware. Our engineers will setup and configure required software. We have domains, hosting, databases in our service portfolio. And if things go wrong, as an IT support company we can offer technical support & maintenance.

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