Domain is your name on the internet. It’s the name you see in your website’s address, such as  We offer competitively priced and fully managed domains.

Wide Selection

Connecting London can offer broad selection of available extensions. All generic (.com, .org, .info…), specialty (.restaurant, .bar, .finance…) and country-code (, .eu, .fr…) extensions. Tell us more about your business and our consultants will pre-select and advice on the best possible options.

Rapid Changes

When you need a change on your domain, whether it’s when launching a new website, or moving to a different service, you want to see results immediately. Some domain providers by default have long domain record change refresh rates (TTL) – up to 48hours. Our domain record changes are visible in just 5 minutes after application.

Knowledgeable Support Team

Our experienced engineers will fully manage your domains and accommodate any required DNS record or subdomain changes. While implementing changes we use our expertise to avoid any loops and minimize or completely eliminate any downtime.

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Security Certificates

Every time you visit a website and it has a lock next to it’s web address, it means website is using security certificate. It conveys trust and offers better search engine optimization (SEO). It in turn leads to a better spot on major search engine results.

Having a security certificate applied to your domain adds an extra layer of trustworthiness and protection. It communicates to your visitors that you care about their internet data privacy. Connecting London offers dozens of security certificate options from leading providers.

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Websites and web apps consist of multiple files: code files, pictures, media. All of these files need to be stored somewhere “on the internet” and that is referred to as “hosting“. Hosting is space allocated on internet connected server with adequate processing power and good uptime. Connecting London offers fast UK based cloud hosting services.

Key Benefits

  • Fully managed service – whether it’s adding another database or installing latest version Wordpress, we can implement these and many more features you might need
  • Cloud platform is clustered over multiple servers and is built from the ground up to offer high performance, flexibility and 99.9% uptime reliability
  • Our hosting service includes all common features, such as databases, FTP accounts, subdomains, email services
  • Hosting is compatible with both Windows and Linux. Alternatively, we can run Hybrid mode, where you can use the best of both platforms