1. Gather project requirements
  2. Plan project stages and asses business implications
  3. Put together and coordinate the work of a project team
  1. Monitor progress to meet cost, deadline and quality requirements
  2. Rapidly react and adjust plans for unforeseen circumstances
  3. Continuously inform client on progress and ensure smooth handover

Common Projects

New Venue

Arranging cabling, connectivity. Network, server, phone, workstation & other IT system installation and configuration.

Office Relocation

Moving IT infrastructure from one location to other with minimized disruption to productivity.


Migrating between servers and services. Recently one of the most popular migrations we do is  move from hosted exchange to Office 365. Learn more about Office 365.

Company Wide Rollouts

Planning and coordinating company wide rollouts for business units scattered in multiple locations.

Infrastructure Upgrades

Complete restructuring or partial upgrade of existing IT infrastructure.


Everything is a project! We use a scaled down version of our project management process for small tasks – such as providing a new workstation.

IT Consultancy

These days it’s hard to imagine a business in developed country without relying on some form of IT. As businesses grow IT needs change and get more complex. There’s simply more things to consider – data security, business continuity, converging multiple business units, taking advantage of big data. Successful businesses inevitably reach a point where advice from industry insiders becomes invaluable. Let Connecting London be your advisor.

Complex Answers in Simple English

While we are passionate about technology we recognize that not everyone has the same priorities to study IT in depth as we do. Therefore, our consultants speak plain language and explain complicated IT concepts by using understandable analogies. We will listen to your needs and present solutions closely aligned with your business goals. We can also independently evaluate and audit solutions suggested by 3rd parties.

As an IT company over the years we have carefully selected our partners and solutions which we believe are best in class. However, sometimes a bespoke problem needs a little more specialized solution. As we don’t have any exclusivity commitments to any of our partners, we will offer what we truly believe to be the best solution to a given problem.

Areas of Expertise

  • Connectivity
  • Servers
  • VoIP
  • Hardware & Software
  • Cloud Services
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Monitoring
  • Backups
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Development
  • Security