• Best-in-class protection against malware and viruses with excellent performance in minimizing false positives and low system overhead. It delivers robust, reliable protection with the lowest possible footprint.
  • If threat gets quarantined our engineers receive an alert. We can use their expertise to analyze it and establish any further steps.
  • Antivirus includes behavioral scanning to complement Active Protection and maximize effectiveness against hard-to-detect threats.
  • Having centralized antivirus management ensures that all of the users have their antivirus definitions up to date. It minimizes the chance that one employee will simply skip antivirus updates and put your entire network at risk.

Convenience and Lower Costs

  • We can deploy Antivirus on all of your workstations and servers remotely. Once it’s deployed it doesn’t need any input from the user to maintain or remove it. When troubleshooting a specific issue, we can remotely start, pause, resume or cancel scans.
  • We will configure every aspect of the Managed Antivirus agent including scan schedules, remediation action and file and folder exclusions.
  • Managed antivirus lincense costs tend to be comparable to conventional business antivirus license costs. Since managed antivirus can be managed centrally and remotely, running costs tend to be lower.