Email Security

A single email virus can cost your organisation an enormous amount in damages, lost productivity and compromise your systems and data integrity. It is important to have a plan that ensures protection from email viruses, spam, phishing, email flooding, directory harvest attacks and denial of service attacks.

Our offered solution has a spam-detection accuracy rate consistently above 99.9%. Businesses that adopt it can be confident of possessing the least complicated, most effective means available of protecting their business email from spam and viruses.

Key Benefits

  • Multiple levels of spam and virus protection
  • Over 99.9% of spam identified and quarantined with less than 0.01% false-positives
  • Works with any email system
  • Learns and adapts to provide the most accurate, up-to-date protection
  • Deletes virus-infected emails while keeping the email message
  • Quick setup with no hardware or software to install

Email Archiving

With the proliferation of data security, privacy and compliance legislation and legal discovery rules, it has become necessary for many IT departments to not only maintain complete multi-year archives of company email, but also ensure that is it easily accessible and that specific messages can be rapidly located.

With our provided email archiving services, there is no hardware or software to install at your premises. All of your sent and received email and attachments are automatically and securely stored in certified data centers.

Key Benefits

  • Comply with regulations like Data Protection Act, Euro SOX, GLBA and others
  • Recover data purposefully or accidentally lost
  • Protect intellectual property
  • All messages fully indexed, including attachments
  • Scales to your business needs

Email Continuity

Outages of even a short duration can create numerous issues for individual email users, as well as the business processes that rely on email. It costs in a variety of ways, including lost employee productivity, additional IT time investment to resolve email outages, missed business opportunities, and a myriad of less tangible consequences, such as a damaged business reputation.

Regardless of whether you have a planned email outage for maintenance or an unexpected server crash, email continuity will ensure you won’t miss out on any communication. Service automatically saves copies of all email activity while your primary email service is unavailable.

Key Benefits

  • Automatic spam and virus removal
  • Quick retrieval of lost or accidentally deleted emails
  • Works with almost any email server software, whether your company uses Lotus Notes, MS Exchange, or a simple webmail client